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Dry Goods and Groceries

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Biscuits and Oatcakes

Dry Goods and Groceries: Products

Peter's Yard

Original Crispbreads
Original Small Crispbreads
Seeded Wholegrain Crispbreads
Charcoal Crispbreads
Spelt & Fig Crispbreads
Pink Peppercorn Crispbreads
Carraway Crispbreads.


Original Water Biscuits
Salt & Black Pepper Water Biscuits
Rosemary Water Biscuits
Cajun Water Biscuits
Cocktail Water Biscuits
Seaweed Cocktail Oatcakes
Savoury Selection Box


Wheat Damsels
Charcoal Damsels
Buttermilk Damsels
Miller’s Toast: Plum & Date
Miller’s Toast: Cranberry & Raisin
Miller’s Toast: Fig & Sultana
Miller’s Elements: Fire
Miller’s Elements: Ale
Miller’s Elements: Earth
The Best of Miller’s Selection Box

Fine Cheese Co.

Fig, Honey & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Walnut, Honey & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Rosemary & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon, Sea Salt & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sea Salt (GF)


Arran (Large or Original size)

Angelic (Gluten Free)

Sweet Chilli
Rosemary & Sea salt

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Dry Goods and Groceries: Products

Sold Sliced, priced per 100g


Iberico Serrano Ham

Saucisson Campagnard

Chorizo Cular

Finnochiano Fennel Salami

Milano Salami

Green Peppercorn Venison Salami

Smoked Venison Bresaola

Limpopo Biltong


Sold Whole

Cornish Salami - Pink Peppercorn, Seaweed & Cider, Fennel, Chilli Chorizo
Whole Nut Salami - Pistachio, Hazelnut, Herb, 3 Pepper
Great Glen Venison Chorizo (Regular or Chilli)
Limpopo Biltong 250g bag
Droëwors 250g bag


Farm Fresh Goods

Dry Goods and Groceries: Products

Katy's Eggs - Local Free Range

Half Dozen Large 
Half Dozen Extra Large

Rora Yoghurt

Live Natural Yoghurt
Greek Style Yoghurt

Fresh Local Fruit and Veg

These are seasonal so please do call to check we have what you want in stock!




Veg Boxes

Poilane Sourdough Bread

Our delicious sourdough bread is in such demand that no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to keep them on our shelves for long. Contact us to make sure we have them in stock or ask us for an alternative.

chutney shelf .jpg

Chutneys and Preserves

Dry Goods and Groceries: Products

Fine Cheese Co.

Fig Chutney
Onion Chutney
Pickled Figs
Pickled Cherries
Pickled Onions

Bakery Lane

Chilli Onion Jam

Strawberry Jam 

Raspberry Jam

Mango Chutney

Zingy Tingy Pickles

Zingy Tingy Beetroot
Tingy Tangy Pickled Onion

Quince Paste

Membrillo, Quince Paste or Quince Cheese is a sweet preserve that pairs perfectly with cheese. We stock cut pieces of Bonvallis Natural Quince Paste priced by weight.


Anderson's Heather Honey

Rapeseed Honey (Soft Set)

Scottish Blossom Honey

Scottish Honey

Bee Scottish Heather Honey

Cove Honey Chilli Jam


Matured Kalamata Pitted Olives
Garlic and Chilli Olives
Herbed & Pitted Olives
Large Kalamata Olives
Perello Olives


Store Cupboard

Dry Goods and Groceries: Products


Duck Liver Pate with Cointreau
Chicken Liver Pate with Port
Pork Rillette
Chicken Rillette with Cranberries & Grand Marnier
Spicy Bean Crush with Tomato & Corriander

Granola and Oats

Tigerola Granola


Karyatis Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sotaroni Sweet Vinegar
Ola Rapeseed Oil infused with Garlic
Ola Rapeseed Oil infused with Basil
Ola Rapeseed Oil
Jacoliva Olive Oil
Modena Balsamic Vinegar

Gourmet Crisps

Slabs: Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar
Slabs: Slightly Salted
Torres: Black Truffle Chips
Torres: Iberico Ham Chips


Rummo Penne Pasta
Rummo Taglatelle
Ferrari Pasta Flour

Ortiz Tinned Fish




Dry Goods and Groceries: Products

Soft Drinks

Summer House Cloudy Lemon
Summer House St Clements
Summer House Raspberry Lemonade

Tea and Coffee

Barry’s Tea Bags Gold Blend (80 pack)
Steampunk Coffee

To place an order please come into store or call us on 01224 566530

Dry Goods and Groceries: Contact
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