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Hello lovely customers! We hope you are all staying safe and well.

We are now allowing one customer in the shop at a time. 

To help protect our staff and customers as best we can, we have new rules in place.

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  • Don't touch any cheese

  • Use contactless where possible

To minimise wait times and exposure, we are still encouraging orders over the phone at 01224 566 530, through email at gourmetcheeseco@gmail.com, and through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Our current opening hours are: 

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We stock a wide range of artisanal gourmet cheeses. Most of our cheeses are sold by weight, though some of the individual cheeses such as soft goats and Camembert are sold as a whole or half. Below is a list of our most commonly stocked cheeses, though we often have others too!

If there's anything in particular that you're looking, or for prices and any other information, don't hesitate to call or email us. One of our friendly staff will happy to help! 


U - Unpasteurised

P - Pasteurised

V - Vegetarian

O - Organic

C - Cow’s milk

S - Ewe’s milk

G - Goat's Milk


Hard Cheeses


Isle of Mull – Mature Cheddar, Scotland ( C, U )

Keens - Extra Mature Cheddar, England ( C, U )

Loch Arthur - Medium Cheddar, Scotland ( C, U, O, V )

Old Lochnagar – Mild Cheddar, Scotland ( C, U )

St. Andrew’s - Mild Cheddar, Scotland ( C, U )

Lancashire - Mild Cheddar, Scotland ( C, U )

Anster - Mild Cheddar. Scotland ( C, U )

Auld Reekie – Smoked Scotland ( C, U )

Westray Wife – Washed Cheddar, Scotland ( C, P, V )

Smoked Lancashire – Smoked, England ( C, U )

Corra Linn – Hard Sheep, Scotland ( S, U, V )

Prima Donna – Aged Gouda, Netherlands ( C, P )

Landana 500 – Aged Gouda, Netherlands ( C, P )

Alp Blossom – Flower Covered Alpine, Austria ( C, U )

Pecorino PDO – Hard Sheep, Italy ( S, U )

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP/PDO – Hard Cow, Italy ( C, U )

Mimolette – Hard Cow, France ( C, P )

Tomme de Savoie PDO – Semi-soft, Cow ( C, P )

Comte AOC – Aged Alpine, France ( C, U )

Ossau Iraty AOC/PDO – Hard Sheep, France ( S, U )

Gruyere AOC/AOP – Aged Alpine, Switzerland ( C, U )

Aged Emmental – Aged Alpine, Switzerland ( C, U, V )

Vintage Manchego PDO – Hard Sheep ( S, U )

Moliterno al Tartufo – Black Truffle Pecorino, Italy ( S, U )

Starnachas – Aged Alpine, Austria ( C, U )

Schlossberger – Aged Alpine, Austria ( C, U )

Blue Cheeses


Valdeon PGI – Strong Mixed-Milk, Spain ( C, G )

Roquefort AOC – Strong Sheep, France ( S, U )

Bleu de Causses – Medium, France C, U

Hebridean Blue – Crumbly Medium, Scotland ( C, U )

Shropshire Blue – Crumbly Medium, England ( C, P, V )

Colston Bassett Stilton - Crumbly Medium, England ( C, P ) 

Lanark Blue – Medium Sheep, Scotland ( S, U, V )

Cashel Blue – Soft Medium, Ireland ( C, P, V )

Gorgonzola DOC/PDO – Sweet Soft, Italy ( C, P )

Fourme d'Ambert PDO/AOC – Medium Soft, France ( C, U )

**Coming Soon**

Sparkenhoe Blue – Crumbly Medium similar to Stilton, England ( C, U)

Soft and Washed Rind Cheeses


Brie de Meaux AOC – Classic Brie, France ( C, U )

Baron Bigod – Buttery Brie, England ( C, U )

Clava Brie – Brie ( C, P, O, V )

Truffle Brie – Black Truffle in Mascarpone centred Brie ( C, P )

Taleggio PDO – Washed Semi-Soft, Italian ( C, U )

Brilliat Savarin – Soft Triple Cream, France ( C, P )

Epoisses AOC – Strong Soft Washed, France ( C, P )

Reblochon de Savoie AOC – Semi-Soft Washed, France ( C, U )

Ricotta - G, P (sold whole)

St Felicien Cremier – Soft Farmhouse, France ( C, U ) (sold whole)

Tunworth – Camembert Style, England ( C, P ) (sold whole)

St Nectaire – Semi-Soft, France ( C, U )

Flower Marie – Soft Sheep, England ( S, U, V )  (sold whole or half)

Minger – Strong Washed, Scotland ( C,P ) (sold whole)

Arrewasser – Washed Semi-Hard, France ( C, U ) 

Morbier AOC – Semi-Soft “Ash” Veined, France ( C, U )

Raclette AOC/AOP – Semi-Hard, France ( C, U )

Reblechon AOC – Soft/Semi-Soft Washed, France ( C, U ) (sold whole or half)

Laverstock Mozzarella - England ( B, P, V ) (sold whole)

Goat Cheeses


Murcia al Vino – Red Wine Washed, Spain ( G, P )

Bonnet – Hard, Scotland ( G, P, V )

Rachel – Semi-Hard, England ( G, U, V )

Killeen – Hard, Ireland ( G, P )

Landana Rosso – Semi-Hard, Netherlands ( G, P, V )

Dorstone – Soft Ash Rind, England ( G, U ) (sold whole or half)

Elrick Log – Soft Ash Rind, Scotland ( G, U ) (sold whole)

Ragstone – Soft, England ( G, U ) (sold whole, half or cutting - stock dependant)

Golden Cross – Soft Ash Rind, England ( G, U, V ) (sold whole or half)

Driftwood – Soft Ash Rind, England ( G, U, V ) (sold whole)

Selles sur Cher AOC – Soft Ash Rind, France ( G, U ) (sold whole or half)

Valancay AOC – Soft Ash Rind ( G, U ) (sold whole)

Crème Chevre – Soft, Switzerland ( G, P ) (sold as a whole)

St Tola – Soft Ash Rind, Ireland ( G, P ) (sold as a cutting)


Use this form to make an order and we'll get back to you as soon as we can during working hours to confirm your order with you. If you need a rush order, please call and we will see what we can do.

If you know what you'd like then please state weights for cheeses. We always try to keep to the weight you ask for but there is no guarantee we can be exact as most of our cheeses are cut by hand. If you have a budget you would like to keep to, please let us know and we will work with you to make sure you get an order that works with you. 

For more information or advice then feel free to ask questions or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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